Spa & Wellness

With its natural resources of mineral and thermal water and peat, exploited for medical purposes by 35 spas, the Czech Republic can rightly be ranked among the spa superpowers. In addition to outstanding results in the treatment of numerous diseases, ranging from disorders of the locomotive and nervous systems to diseases of the skin, the state-of-the-art spa facilities offer plentiful opportunities for active forms of relaxation and recuperation, as well as for cultural experiences. Wellness programmes in particular are becoming increasingly popular with visitors as they offer relaxation during spa procedures and the joy of movement and rest. With its twelve thermal springs of mineral water Karlovy Vary is the largest and most famous of the Czech spa resorts. The spa has built its fame ever since the 14th century, when it was founded by Emperor Charles IV.
Recommended spa programs for you:

Reconditioning Program
7 nights with full dietary board, basic medical examination, therapeutic gymnastic, water gymnastic, classical partial massage, mineral bath and mud or paraffin pack

Anti-Stress Program
7 nights with full board, basic medical examination, aroma-therapeutic partial massage, pearl or herbal bath, physical training in group, oxygen-therapy and underwater massage

Slimming Program
14 nights with full board – slimming diet, basic medical examination, laboratory test, physical training, lymph drainage, underwater massage, classical partial massage, hydro-jet

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