Team Building Activities

We provide corporate team building activities and events as we know how to deliver an experience that is not only great fun, but delivers against your team building objectives.

Our activities are designed to deliver real improvement in the performance of your teams by developing their skills.
We choose activities that are designed to improve workplace productivity and win the appreciation of both staff and management. These activities foster key values like planning, coordination, communication, leadership, innovation and collaboration. Set in novel environments that are far removed from everyday office spaces and stuffy classrooms, participants learn valuable skills that be easily integrated into their working lives.

Based on specific objectives and budgets, we can design activities for groups of any size.


Hot Air Balloons
Take your corporate incentives and team building above and beyond with hot air balloon rides

Classrooms aren’t needed to focus on communication and team camaraderie. Our corporate team building activities make it happen on the race track! If you’re focused on cooperation as a whole or functioning together as a unit our team building events will put you in the fast lane to victory at Indoor Karting

Skydiving Experience
Take on the Hurricane! flying in a tunnel with wind speeds of up to 270 km/hour!

Trabant Rally
The City Rally gets underway after a brief introduction to driving a Trabant, during which participants encounter exciting experiences and play Trabi games while discovering the city. “Speeding” is a great experience for everyone in the ten spectacular cars ready for anything.

The Kayaking Challenge
Kayaking is a fantastic water sport that is able to bring out the teamwork and leadership in your organization. All you have to bring along is yourself and an appetite for adventure!

iPad Scavenger Hunt
After the short briefing, we divide the group into the teams, each team gets an iPad with game instruction.
The team follows instruction on the iPad and answer questions about the destination, use iPad for video making, sing a song competition, use map and navigate to bonus checkpoint, use digital compass and make photos during the game.

Dragon Boat Racing
Corporate dragon boat events are an exciting way of motivating and integrating staff from all areas of the company